Refuse and Recycling

Refuse and Recycling

 The City of Gunnison provides residential refuse and recycling collection services on a once-a-week schedule. All city residents pay for this service in their monthly utility bill.   (Commercial refuse service is subject to an individual contract, based on the needs of the commercial user, entered into by and between the city manager and each individual commercial user.)  
The City of Gunnison will provide a refuse can and up to seven recycle bins for your residential use. 
Residential refuse can sizes and prices are:
  • 64-gallon (small), $31 per month for weekly pick up. 
  • 98-gallon (large), $39 per month for weekly pick up. 

Commercial refuse can and prices are:  (residential charge plus commercial service fee)

  • 64-gallon (small), $53 per month for weekly pick up. 
  • 96-gallon (large), $62 per month for weekly pick up.
  • 2 cubic yard dumpster, $157 per month, weekly pick up.
  • Please place your refuse in the alley behind your house. If you do not have an alley call Public Works to find out your pick-up spot. 
  • Have your refuse out by 8:00 AM. on your pickup day. Click here if you would like to know your pickup day. 
  • Do not place your can directly under overhead electric, phone, or cable lines. Place your can on a level surface to avoid it tipping over. 
  • Place all of your refuse in the refuse can that the City has provided. The automated refuse truck is unable to empty any other type of can. Please do not place refuse in boxes or bags on the ground. 
  • Please do not overfill the can, the lid must be closed when set out for pick up.
  • PLEASE NOTE! There will be a $29 fee for overfilled cans and a $55 fee for overfilled dumpsters. 
  • If you have refuse that won't fit in your can, please call Public Works to arrange a special pickup. Click here to see what items we will pick up and the rates. 
  • Do not place recycle bins or other items in front of your refuse can or dumpster.
  • Please leave a minimum of 6 feet of clearance on each side of your refuse can. 
  • The City has an organic dump available for yard waste, click here for details.
  • Please click here or call Public Works at 970-641-8020 to:
    • To arrange a special refuse pickup if you have additional refuse that will not fit in your can.
    • For a special pickup of large items such as appliances, etc.
    • If you need a can or would like a smaller or larger can. 
    • If you need recycle containers.
  • DO NOT place liquids, motor oil, tires, paint, car batteries, pesticides, or weed killer in the regular refuse.  DO NOT place building materials, rocks or other large items in your refuse.

The City of Gunnison provides residential curbside recycling pickups for residents within the City limits. Participating in the recycling program will prolong the County Landfill's life and will help forestall rate increases. Please note the following guidelines:
  • Recyclables will be collected on the same day as your refuse pickup. 
  • Keep recyclables free of snow, ice, and moisture.
  • Recycles must be sorted in the City of Gunnison provided recycle bins. Please see the sorting guide below for information on how to sort your recyclables. 
  • Each residence is provided with up to seven bins. If your bins are missing, please call Public Works at 970-641-8020. Remember the bins belong to the city, please leave them at the residence when you move. 
Place your recyclables in the same place you put your regular trash. Do not place recycle bins in front of your refuse can or dumpster and leave a minimum 6 foot of clearance on each side of your refuse can. 

We bring your sorted recyclables to the Gunnison County Recycle Center.  Are you curious to know what happens to them there?  Check out this informative article:  How Recycling Works at the Gunnison County Facility

Do you have electronics to recycle?  Click here for more information.

Please contact Public Works for commercial recycling information.  970-641-8020
Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

Please avoid leaving trash cans in the alley, secure them, and keep trash picked up to help avoid bear conflict.
The City has launched a pilot program for the use of residential bear-resistant trash cans.  The resident would purchase the City approved can, sign a Bear Resistant Trash Can Policy Agreement, and will be shown the proper use of the can by City staff. (Click to read)  If you are interested in this new program, please call us at 641-8020, and we can discuss this further with you.

Bear-resistant can  Bear-resistant can label

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