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Generosity and Grit: A letter from Councilmember Logan on behalf of the City Council in Response to COVID-19
September 29, 2020
Generosity and Grit. 

These two words, amplified by about 6,000 souls in a small mountain town, guided me to lay my roots in the City of Gunnison following my carefree days as a Western student. To me, these two words have always been the glue of the Gunnison community and are the reason most of us have built lives here. 

Our community of friends and loved ones are no strangers to "hard times". Through seemingly-endless winters and ethereal summers, Gunnison was founded by folks whose innate human response to life in the high desert was to work together in harmony with the elements and seasons, to help their neighbors, and to thrive in sometimes dire circumstances. For 140 years, the City of Gunnison and its residents have grown and adapted to all the universe has thrown their way. Through economic downturns, illness, freak blizzards, and more, the Gunnison community has shown its perseverance and passion to lift others up when the going gets tough. 

Given our deep-seeded history of generosity and grit, when the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to explode in the Gunnison Valley in March 2020, it was no surprise that countless citizens, businesses, non-profits, and governmental entities banded together immediately to build a support net for our community. Ostensibly small individual actions like ordering take out from a favorite restaurant, calling an elderly neighbor to make sure they had food and medicine, and purchasing a gift certificate from a favorite store snowballed into hugely impactful grant and loan programs amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, a senior meal delivery service and phone tree, housing assistance programs, utility late fee forgiveness, delayed sales tax payments, a network of selfless volunteers staffing a busy call center, weekly business sector meetings, business recovery webinars, weekly town halls, bi-weekly incident updates, the list of resources has been endless and all have been communicated in multiple languages so as to reach as many of our population as we can. The response of our community to this previously unfathomable event has been nothing short of astounding, and is a profound reminder that love will always win in Gunnison. 

The City of Gunnison is deeply honored to receive a special recognition by The Gunnison Country Times, The Gunnison Shopper, and The Gunnison Country Chamber of Commerce People's Choice Awards. We would be remiss to acknowledge that our grant program has been just one branch in an ever-growing tree of support for every person in this cherished community I am proud to call home.

With Humility and Gratitude,

Mallory Logan
On Behalf of Gunnison City Council
Mayor Jim Gelwicks, Mayor Pro Tem Jim Miles, Mallory Logan, Diego Plata, and Boe Freeburn              

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