Boards & Committees Appointed by Council

Boards & Committees Appointed by Council

The Gunnison City Council appoints community volunteers to serve as members of various boards, commissions and committees.  Charged with policy development, implementation and review for the City Council, these groups serve an important function in molding decisions for our community, acting as the voice of the residents and providing stewardship of the City's assets.
Membership on each board or commission requires varying qualifications. A majority of members must be residents of the City of Gunnison.
Current Vacancies (Updated 11.18.2021):
  • Building Board of Appeals: 0 vacancies
  • Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority: 0 vacancies
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee: 0 vacancies
  • Planning and Zoning Commission: 0 vacancies
  • Senior Center Advisory Committee: 0 vacancies
  • ***Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals: 1 VACANCY*** 
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Boards And Committees Appointed By Council

Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority
Meetings: Meetings are held monthly on Thursday afternoons and as needed.

Requirements: A resident of Gunnison County and 18 years of age.

Currently no vacancies 
Building Board of Appeals
Overview: The Building Board of Appeals consists of five members who are qualified by experience and training to determine matters pertaining to building construction. The Board shall determine the suitability of alternate materials and types of construction and provide for reasonable interpretation of the provisions of the building code.

Indefinite. Members serve at the pleasure of the Council. Vacancies shall be filled by the Council according to provisions in Section 4.6 of the City Charter. Vacancies filled for unexpired terms shall terminate at the established expiration dates. Vacancies filled for expired terms shall be for two (2) years. 

(Code 1997 § 2-8-2)

Meetings: Meetings are held as needed.

Requirements: Board members must be a residents of the Gunnison Valley and work in the building, engineering, and construction trades. The building official shall be an ex-officio member, and shall act as secretary of the board.
(Code 1997 § 2-8-1).

Currently no vacancies

Learn more about the Building Board of Appeals.
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
Overview:  The Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to parks and recreation programs and services, considers the annual budget, advises and supports in the planning of parks and recreation programs, serves as a sounding board for ideas, and encourages individuals and groups to support the development and operation of the parks and recreation programs within the City, with particular attention to strategies, which strengthen grant applications.

The Council should ensure that the committee is comprised of individuals who represent a diversity of interest and ages.  Members must have resided in the Gunnison Valley for two years prior to appointment.

Terms: Members are appointed by Council to serve for a period of two years.

Meetings: Meetings shall be quarterly and set at such time and place desired by the Committee.

Currently no vacancies
Planning and Zoning Commission
Overview:  The planning and zoning commission is responsible for preparing the City of Gunnison Master Plan and other development documents. The Commission reviews land development applications to ensure compliance with all provisions of the Land Development Code and statutes of the state of Colorado.

: Members are appointed by Council to serve five-year terms. 

Meetings: Regular meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Requirements: The members shall be citizens-at-large and shall have been residents of the city for at least one year immediately preceding the time of their appointment, be a registered voter of the City of Gunnison, and they shall hold no other office or position in the city administration.

Currently no vacancies
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Senior Center Advisory Committee
Overview:  The Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters pertaining to the Senior Center, considers the annual budget of the Senior Center and advises in the planning and implementation of Senior Center programs.

Term: Members are appointed by Council to serve for a period of two years. 

Meetings: Meetings are held quarterly as set by the committee. One joint meeting with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will be held during the City’s budget and development season (July – August) addressing senior programming and budgetary requests.

Requirements: All residents of the City of Gunnison and Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District are eligible to serve. Council appointments should ensure the Committee represents diverse backgrounds and experiences. Preference shall be considered for applicants for the Committee are eligible for Senior Center membership and other senior programs offered by the Gunnison Community Recreation Center (age 55 and up).

Currently no vacancies
Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals
Overview: The Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals (ZBOAA) hears and acts upon cases involving variances of the City's Land Development Code. The Board authorizes deviation from the standards of the underlying zone district and shall be authorized only for maximum height, minimum floor area, minimum lot size, minimum building width, maximum lot coverage, minimum setbacks, parking requirements and minimum landscaped area. (Code 1997 § 2-6-1). 

Members are appointed by Council to serve three-year terms.

Meetings: Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, as needed, at 7pm.

Requirements: Board members must be a resident of the City of Gunnison for at least one year and be a registered voter of the City of Gunnison.

Currently one vacancy.

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