Laboratory Water Analysis

Laboratory Water Analysis

The Water Laboratory is located at the City of Gunnison Wastewater Treatment Plant at 524 County Road 32, Gunnison, CO 81230. The laboratory is located in the front of the administration building
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM. - 5:00 PM, excluding holidays
Phone: 970-641-8042


To obtain a drinking water test, first, pick up a kit from the water laboratory.  Sampling instructions will be provided with the kit.  Drinking water samples must arrive in one of our provided sterile containers.  Please keep samples cool, and deliver them to the laboratory within 24 hours of sampling.

The City of Gunnison Water Lab offers the following tests: 


Description Amount
Drinking Water E. Coli/Total Coliform   $25.00
Most Probable Number E. Coli/Total Coliform  $35.00
Nitrate * $50.00
Nitrite * $50.00
Fluoride * $50.00
Hardness  $22.00

* Drinking water Nitrate, Nitrite, and Fluoride tests must be requested in advance with Charles Beshears.  (
Please call or email to schedule.)


Description Amount
BOD₅     $50.00
cBOD₅  $50.00
TSS  $25.00
Total Dissolved Solids     $25.00
Turbidity- NTU $22.00
pH    $15.00
Ammonia   $25.00
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen $35.00
Phosphate     $35.00
COD Influent/Effluent $50.00
Nitrite  $25.00
Nitrate  $25.00
Total Inorganic Nitrogen (TIN) $ -
Total Nitrogen (TN) $ -
Nitrate/Nitrate Nitrogen (NO5) $ -

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