Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Removal

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Snow & Ice Removal Documents2 documents

  • 2023 Update - Snow and Ice Removal Plan
    document date 12-08-2023
  • City of Gunnison Snow & Ice Procedures Brochure
    document date none

Snow Removal Applications1 document

  • Snow Removal Assistance Application
    document date 11-14-2022
    Application for elderly and handicapped citizens to request help clearing snow berm from their driveway entrance.

Snow & Ice Removal Plan PowerPoint Show1 document

  • Snow & Ice Removal PowerPoint Show
    document date none
With over 100 lane miles of streets to maintain, it is important that Gunnison residents understand the City's snow removal program. Your cooperation is appreciated and will help expedite snow removal operations.

Call the City of Gunnison Public Works Department at 970-641-8020 for questions about snow removal. After 5:00 p.m., on weekends, and on holidays, call the Police Dispatch non-emergency number, 970-641-8200 to report icy conditions. 

To see the City's complete Snow and Ice Removal Plan, click here.

The Responsibility of City Residents:

  • Avoid parking on municipal streets during snow and ice events. Vehicles parked where “No Parking or Stopping” signs are posted may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.
  • Do not park cars in driveways within 10 feet of edge of pavement.
  • Do not allow children to build and occupy “snow forts” and similar creations within 10 feet of the edge of pavement.
  • Keep basketball devices at least 10 feet from the edge of pavement.
  • Do not move snow from private driveways, sidewalks, or roofs into the public right-of-way. Gunnison Municipal Code Sections Chapter 9 prohibits blowing, throwing or depositing snow onto roadways.
  • Fences should not be located within 10 feet of edge of pavement.
  • Remove all non-permanent seasonal items from within 10 feet of edge of pavement.
  • Trim trees so that branches do not extend beyond the back of the curb or be minimum 14 feet high.
  • If homeowner has a fire hydrant in front of your lot, please help us by clearing snow around it.
  • Please be patient and do not cross over or through windrowed piles of snow. Go around. If you do so and get stuck, our insurance policy does not allow crews to pull you out.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 200 feet behind any City vehicle engaged in winter snow and ice control activities.

Private Roads and Driveways: As a matter of policy, crews do not clear private roads or driveways. In extreme circumstances and only if an emergency situation arises that directly threatens individual life or property, a crew can be dispatched to open the private road or driveway. During plowing operations, it is virtually impossible to clear the roadways adequately without placing some snow and ice in driveway aprons.  A frequent complaint from residents is that their driveways and sidewalks have been plowed full of snow by the plows. While this is an inconvenience, it is necessary if streets are to be cleared for travel in a timely, cost-effective manner. If snow and ice are allowed to remain on streets, this causes poor drainage and deterioration of asphalt. Safety is another factor. Allowing snow to pile up can create a hazard by forcing parked cars and bicyclists closer to traffic as more snow accumulates. Therefore, plow drivers will try to clear the streets to the curb line. 

Snow Emergencies: Parking Ban/Restrictions – In the event of heavy snowfall predictions or anticipation of severe winter storm events, the City may post “No Parking” signs in advance of snow removal crews. Vehicles found impeding snow and ice control operations during such bans will be referred to the Police Department for removal. Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense. If the City has your car towed, you can call the Police Department at (970) 641-8200 to find out where it has been taken.

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