Records Technicians are responsible for the administration of the reports taken by the police department. The Records Office serves as the reception desk for the police department helping with customer service information, notifying officers for counter reports, and performing vehicle inspections. You must present a valid ID when picking up a police report.

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VIN Inspections Per vehicle  $               10.00
Fingerprints Per name  $               10.00
Accident Reports Each  $                 5.00
Law Enforcement Record Request Each request, up to 15 minutes research and preparation time  $                 5.00
  Each Request, over 15 minutes research and preparation time, pro-rated at $25.00 per hour  $               25.00
Records Request / VRA Covered Crimes Per CRS 24-4.1-302.5 (b.9) crime victims of crimes identified by Victims' Rights Statutes have the right to a free copy of the initial incident report from the investigating law enforcement agency  $                   -  
Property Return Postage and packaging materials  Actual costs 
PBT (Breath Test) Per test  $                 2.00
Sex Offender Registration Per registration  $               25.00
Animal-Related Fees    
Animal Pickup Fees Per animal  $               10.00
Animal Shelter Care Fee Per animal per day  $               20.00
    Per animal for each additional day; computed daily starting at 8am  $               20.00
  Additional care costs if needed  Actual costs 
  Veterinarian costs  Actual costs 
Animal License (spayed/neutered) Per animal per year  $                 5.00
Animal License (non-spayed/neutered) Per animal per year  $               10.00
Animal License Reissue Per lost animal tag  $                 1.00

Printable (English): Records Request Form
Printable (Spanish): Solicitud De Registros

Records Manager: Sonja Parmeter   970.641.8254 or
Records Technician (part-time): Marvella Phelps    970.641.8255 or

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