Patrol is divided into three shifts; days, swings and graves.  Officers patrol the city limits of Gunnison which includes Western State Colorado University and has a seven mile service area to assist the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office or Colorado State Patrol when requested. Patrol consists of eight patrol officers and two patrol sergeants who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A patrol officer can be contacted through the Gunnison Regional Communications Center by dialing 9.1.1 for emergencies or 970.641.8200 for non-emergencies.

Patrol provides a visible police presence throughout the City of Gunnison. This presence is intended to increase effectiveness in the areas of crime prevention and quick response to emergency calls.  Officers in marked squad cars are regularly seen on calls for service such as investigating traffic accidents, enforcing traffic laws, or engaging in proactive patrol in neighborhoods. They are responsible for answering service calls including domestic and civil disputes, apprehending criminal offenders, as well as taking on many other duties.

Patrol officers have the option to use bicycles as a method of patrolling the City of Gunnison. The use of bicycles instead of cars can make police officers more approachable.  Bicycles enhance the mobility and range of foot patrols. Bicycles are also effective crime-fighting tools when used properly. The bikes are nearly silent in operation and many violators do not realize that an approaching person on a bike is actually a police officer. If the criminal attempts to flee on foot, the riding police officer has a speed advantage while able to quickly dismount if necessary.

A portion of patrol's time is spent conduting traffic enforcement. Patrol officers go on directed patrols which target areas such as school zones, pedestrian crossings or the down town business district. In addition to directed patrols, patrol officers are on the lookout for common traffic violations, bike violations, and pedestrian violations. The City of Gunnison has adopted the State of Colorado Model Traffic Code and traffic fines are based on the state's fine schedule.

During periods of sever weather or high calls for service a ACCIDENT ALERT may be established. During these periods drivers invovled in a accident that does not involve injuries, drugs/alcohol, blockage or extensive vehicle damage may exchange personal and insurance information. A counter report must be filed by both drivers within 24 hours. Forms may be obtained at the Police Department or click here. Completed forms may be turned into the police department, mailed to Gunnison Police Department, P.O. Box 239, Gunnison, CO 81230, or e-mail 

Intoxicated drivers can be on our roads any part of the day.  It is estimated that one in ten drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.   Patrol officers are trained to detect intoxicated drivers and process them for DUI.  For additional information on DUI laws click here.

Patrol officers respond to every Fire, Medical and Alarm call dispatched in the City of Gunnison.  Officers are responsible for assisting Fire and EMS with scene safety and may provide First Aid or CPR when required.  Officers are trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators and carry an AED during their patrol shift.

Patrol officers investigate all types of criminal cases and are commonly dispatched to alcohol violations, disturbances, thefts, assaults, suspicious activities, prowlers, burglaries, and vandalisms. Patrol officers investigate criminal violations of Gunnison Municipal Code and Colorado Revised Statutes.