Land Development Code

Land Development Code Diagnosis - Report and Recommendation

The 2014 City of Gunnison Land Development Code (LDC) is referred to as a unified code; a single document containing dimensional standards, subdivision standards,parking standards, landscaping standards, sign standards, and a systematic set of review processes.  The Director of Community Development is responsible for enforcement of the LDC; Community Development staff makes recommendations regarding development applications to the Planning and Zoning Commission by reviewing development standards within the LDC. The Planning and Zoning Commission makes decisions on development applications.

City of Gunnison Land Development Code

Sections of the LDC:

Section 1. Administration
Section 2. Zoning Districts
Section 3. Specific Use Regulations
Section 4. General Development Standards
Section 5. Natural Resource Protection Standards
Section 6. Development Review Procedures
Section 7. Conditional Uses
Section 8. Variances
Section 9. Development Standard Waivers
Section 10. Amendments to the LDC and Official Zoning Map
Section 11. Nonconformities
Section 12. Subdivision Standards
Section 13. Incentives
Section 14. Large Scale Retail Design Review Procedure
Section 15. Violations, Penalties and Enforcement
Section 16. Definitions

Appendix A. Preferred Planting List
Appendix B. Landscaping Submital Requirements
Appendix C. Protection of Trees and Vegetation During Construction Activities