Firemen's Pension Board

Firemen's Pension Board

The Gunnison Firemen's Pension Fund Board manages all contributions received annually from the State of Colorado, Gunnison County Fire Protection District and the City of Gunnison. All funds are currently invested with Principal in a Pension Trust Fund.FireTruckFlag

Retirement benefits are paid to any volunteer member who has retired with at least twenty years of active service and has attained the age of fifty years. If any member dies in the line of duty as a firefighter, death benefits are paid to the surviving spouse or surviving children. Additionally, the surviving spouse of a pensioned firefighter may receive fifty percent of the pensioner's benefit amount.

The Pension Board consists of seven members:
  • Hugo Ferchau - Gunnison Volunteer Fire Dept Chief
  • Joel Ruehle - Fireman
  • Vacant - Fireman
  • Walt Cranor- Gunnison Fire Protection District
  • Dennis Spritzer - Gunnison Fire Protection District
  • Jim Miles - City Council
  • Diego Plata - City Council
In addition, the Secretary/Treasurer is the Finance Director of the City of Gunnison and serves for the same term of office as the term as Finance Director for the City of Gunnison.
  • Ben Cowan - City Finance Director
Board meetings are held semi-annually to review, and if necessary, authorize changes in investment strategy and/or benefit structure.

Communication may be sent to:
PO Box 239
Gunnison, CO 81230

ContactBen Cowan, Secretary/Treasurer with any additional questions

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