Event Permits

Event Permits

Planning an Event in the City of Gunnison
If you are looking to host an event in the City of Gunnison, the Clerk's Department is here to guide you through the event permitting process. It is our goal to assist event organizers in planning safe and fun events that remain consistent with the City's mission to provide outstanding public service to our residents, Western students, and guests so they can experience a safe, prosperous, and welcoming mountain community that embraces its natural surroundings.

Begin your Event Permit Application

Do you need an event permit?
For help determining whether your event needs a permit, use the worksheet here or call 970-641-8170.
You need an event permit when your event:

  • Takes place on a City right-of-way (street, alley, sidewalk, trail); or 
  • Is likely to obstruct, delay or interfere with the free and normal use of public rights-of-way or other public property within the vicinity of the event; or
  • Takes place in in a City Park and the expected number of attendees is 50 or more people; or
  • If the event would violate a City ordinance (ex. include dogs or other livestock in a park)
  • Requires the expenditure or use of city services  above and beyond those expenditures and services routinely performed.

Exemptions: (1) Regularly scheduled school athletic events conducted on property where such events are normally held; (2) events conducted at a private facility designed for the event purpose or upon facilities where such events are normally held, such as fields, auditoriums, stadiums, and outdoor venues; (3) use of city parks for individual or family leisure/nonorganized recreation.
Alcohol consumption at events
It is unlawful to serve or sell alcohol to the public without a license.
It is unlawful to consume alcohol in public without a permit.   
Please refer to the City's liquor licensing guidelines and call 970-641-8080 for questions.

Timeframe for Applying for an Event Permit
For timely processing and coordination of city services, the event permit application shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event’s scheduled start date.
Events requiring a special event liquor permit shall be submitted to the city clerk’s department at least 45 days prior to the event’s scheduled start date.  
Applicants must submit a new application each year for recurring annual events. 

Application Resources:
Event Notification Form
Example Event Site Plan
City Code related to Event Permits
Insurance Requirements for Events

Approved Main Street Parade Routes:
Route 1) The parade travels south on Main Street to the 100 block of East Virginia Ave., ending at IOOF Park. The parade may start on Ruby Ave., Gothic Ave. or Ohio Ave. 
Route 2)  The parade begins on the 100 block of North Iowa Street, traveling south to Tomichi Ave.  The parade then travels west on Tomichi Ave. using the parking lane & right lane, then travels north on Main Street. The route could end in the 100 block of East Ohio Ave.
Route 3)  The parade begins at WCU's North Chipeta Hall parking lot. The parade travels westbound on Ohio Ave. until it comes to Main St. The parade would then travel southbound on Main Street to Virginia Ave. and end at IOOF Park.

Welcome to Gunnison

Gunnison is a small mountain community on the western slope of Colorado with a population of approximately 6,560 full time residents. The population increases annually with the influx of tourism and Western Colorado University students numbering an additional 2,500. The City of Gunnison is the county seat for Gunnison County. Gunnison has a rich history of ranching, agriculture, mining, tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities that bring many more people through the community.
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