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The Building Official reviews plans for construction and remodeling of structures within the City limits and issues building permits. The Building Official issues sign permits and as a Certified Flood Manager can answer questions regarding FEMA Flood Maps and building in a flood zone.

The City of Gunnison now operates under the 2015 International Code Council Building Codes and amendments cited within the City of Gunnison Municipal Code, Title 14 Technical Codes, for 2015 International Building Code amendments, see Ordinance #6 Series 2017. To purchase copies of these codes or to obtain further information, contact the Building Official.

It is the policy of the City of Gunnison Building Department that building permits may only be issued on parcels deemed by the Fire Marshal, Building Official and Community Development Director to have adequate emergency vehicular access, and are served by a central water system capable of providing adequate fire flow, as prescribed by the International Fire Code. This administrative policy does not imply a guarantee for issuance of Certificates of Occupancy (CO). Building occupancy will not be granted until all City utilities (water, sewer and electrical) are in place and functional.

Adequate access to a site shall be from a road system connected to an existing local, collector or arterial road within the city limits. Site access roads shall be completed to an all weather surface, with adequate lifts of compacted road base placed upon competent structural fill. Site access roads shall have a minimum section width of 22 feet.

The Community Development Director may waive building permit issuance requirements if it is demonstrated that life-safety issues have been adequately addressed. This policy directive is found to be in compliance with Section 101.3 (Intent) of the International Building Code (2015). If you have any questions, contact the Building Official or Director of Community Development.

Information regarding rights as a renter or landlord (Derechos del Inquilino).

Monthly Building Reports. Monthly Building Reports provide information about the number of building permits issued for residential and commercial projects.

    Eric Jansen  Eric Jansen
    Building Official and Certified Floodplain Manager
    (970)641-8151 (office)
    (970)209-0988 (cell)

The Building Office is located in the 

City Municipal Building
Community Development Department

201 West Virginia Avenue

The mailing address is 
P.O. Box 239
Gunnison, CO 81230