Dan Vollendorf Appointed Parks and Recreation Director

We are pleased to announce that Dan Vollendorf will be the City of Gunnison’s Parks and Recreation Director effective immediately.  Since March of 2020, Dan has served as the interim director and has navigated the Parks and Rec Department through very challenging times with COVID-19.  The Parks and Recreation team has demonstrated a high level of commitment and creativity over the last nine months supporting the COVID-19 response, organizing distribution of senior meals, and providing safe recreation programs to the community under strict public health requirements. In addition, the Department under Dan’s leadership created unique community programs to connect neighbors and neighborhoods through the Gunnison Valley Resiliency Program. He has also demonstrated his management skills by guiding his team through the completion of Charmar Park and the installation of the ice melt system at the Jorgensen Ice Rink.

Dan earned this position when he was named a finalist during a nationwide search process and then with the emergence of COVID-19, City leadership observed Dan’s consistent display of leadership and administrative and program execution over the last nine months as the interim director.  The search for a Parks and Recreation Director started with soliciting feedback on the desired qualities for this position. The qualities for a director that the City identified included, but were not limited to, strong leadership and communication skills, an ability to create strong partnerships in the community, and the capability to creatively develop recreational programs and amenities that will serve the whole community. As part of this hiring process, I have also performed the usual due diligence when hiring a Director and called multiple references, had many conversations with Parks and Recreation employees and consulted with members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee.

Dan will be a strong leader who is committed to the community, the organization, and his team. He exemplifies the City of Gunnison’s organizational values and will provide the highest level of service to the community.