City Parkets Open Downtown for Outdoor Dining

The City of Gunnison has launched a pilot parklet program to support downtown dining establishments.

As restaurants continue to navigate capacity restraints and social distancing requirements, the two parklets are intended to create more outdoor seating options for people picking up to-go meals and beverages from local restaurants and enjoy in an outdoor setting.

On June 23rd, the Gunnison City Council passed two complimentary resolutions. The first resolution, Resolution No. 11, Series 2020 establishes a limited outdoor dining area on South Main Street and on west bound East Virginia Avenue to Iowa Street (see map). These sections of street will be closed to vehicle travel to for use as outdoor dining areas, or parklets.  The second resolution, Resolution No. 12, Series, 2020* allows for the public consumption of take-out alcoholic beverages within the downtown parklet areas only.

Once the parklets are established with barriers, flowerpots, and outdoor furniture, the areas will be available for use through September 2020. Disinfectants and hand sanitizers will be available at the tables. Please help get the area and tables clean by cleaning up after you are done.

Please remember the following rules when enjoying Gunnison’s new parklets:

  • Public consumption of alcohol is allowed only in designated dining areas on South Main Street and East Virginia Avenue, and only between 10:00 a.m. – midnight
  • Takeout alcohol sales are permitted only with the purchase of food.
  • Alcohol may NOT be consumed on sidewalks or anywhere in public except in City designated communal dining areas; beverages must remain sealed while in transit.
  • Alcohol may NOT be purchased for takeout without the purchase of food.
  • Refilling of cups or containers is NOT permitted.
  • Remember to wear a mask in Gunnison County (when you are not dining). Wearing is Caring!
The City of Gunnison is executing this development as a collaboration between the City’s Community Development and Parks Departments, with support from the Gunnison Chamber of Commerce.  The creation of the parklets is a pilot program that will have the possibility to evolve as residents and guests use them and the City receives feedback.  

We hope you come out and enjoy the parklets. If you have additional questions, contact Interim Parks and Recreation Director Dan Vollendorf at or 970.641.8422.

*Full resolutions are available at