Refuse and Recycle UPDATE

Trash service UPDATE:
Two big changes effective this month in our trash service. 
Small trash cans, 38 gallon, are being discontinued. If you currently have a small can you should expect it to be picked up and replaced with a medium can, 64 gallons. With this change will be an increase to your bill by $4.00 a month. However, the $4.00 will not be added to your bill until the October bill. This change is coming from a safety standpoint for your Refuse Equipment Operators. Our trucks arms are not designed to pick up and dump the small cans, which often times are dropped into the trash compactor and the operator has to climb in after it.
Effective immediately, overfilled cans and dumpsters will be charged an overage for each week the cans are overfilled. Cans will be charged $15.00 each week the can is overfilled and lid cannot close. Dumpsters will be charged $40.00 for each week the can is overfilled. If you need a larger can or an additional pickup, please either use of iWorq app to make the request or email Public Works at

Curbside recycling service UPDATE:
If you are utilizing the City's curbside recycle program, please be aware that we will now only be collecting recycle that is sorted in the City provided bins. This change includes cardboard. If you have large amounts of cardboard that will not fit into the bin, you will need to bring those to the County Recycle Center. If you are in need of more bins, each residence can be provided up to 7 bins, please contact Public Works at or submit a request through our iWorq service app.