Want to be more involved in the City's Comp Plan?

Thank you for participating in the City of Gunnison’s Community and Visioning Workshops for the Comprehensive Plan.  

Gunnison hosted the Community and Visioning Workshops this spring because we wanted to hear from you as to what Gunnison could be in the future. We appreciate you taking the time to share with us and fellow residents what you believe are the important issues facing our community and for offering ideas on how our community can evolve. Having a diverse group of residents share their perspectives and priorities is the most powerful way we can develop a successful and useful comprehensive plan. We invite you to review the feedback from the Visioning Workshop or to see other tables’ maps and ideas by going to http://www.hlplanning.com/portals/gunnison/documents/

Through the Community Input and Community Visioning workshop activities, six key priorities rose to the top that will be thoroughly addressed in the comp plan. They are 
          *Land Use/Growth
          *Transportation and Transit
          *Environment (natural open spaces) and Sustainability
          *Image and Identity (Entryways into the City, desired physical forms and aesthetics in different areas of Gunnison)

Are you passionate about one of these topics? If so, continue to be a part of the conversation by participating in a focus group on Monday, June 10 at 4:00pm at the Community Center.  As a member of a topical focus group you will help the City formulate a vision statement and goals that may be incorporated into the comp plan. Due to the importance and the impact your contribution could make you will be expected to read an article on your selected topic prior to June 10. Reading materials will be sent to you before June 10th

Please contact City Clerk Erica Boucher at eboucher@gunnisonco.gov if you want to be a part of the conversation and the creation of the Gunnison’s comp plan by participating in one of these groups.

Keep checking our comp plan website for new information and updates. http://www.hlplanning.com/portals/gunnison/