General Flood Safety

Brought to you by the City of Gunnison Floodplain Manager
Floodstage - March 2018
General Flood Safety
Do not try to cross flowing water: Drowning is the number one cause of deaths
associated with flooding, mostly during flash floods. Water currents can be deceiving.

Six inches of moving water can be powerful enough to knock a person down. If you have to walk through water, use a pole or stick for stability and to check the depth of the water.

Do not attempt to drive through a flooded area: More people drown inside their vehicles than any other instance during a flood. Do not drive around barriers or warning signs.

Stay away from power lines and electrical wires: The second greatest cause of deaths associated with flooding is electrocution. Electrical current travels through water very easily. Report any fallen or damaged power lines to the authorities immediately.

If you are in a flood, have all utility supplies turned off immediately: Do not turn utility supplies back on until they are inspected for damage and can be safely reactivated.

Do not return to your home until it has been determined safe to do so: There is often damage to the structure that could make it dangerous to enter safely. Be cautious and ask for help if you are unsure.

Follow all of the hazard preparedness tips that you have learned by educating yourself and your family so that you will be ready and safe in the event of an emergency!