City is Awarded Safe Routes to School Grants

The City is pleased to report that we have been Web2awarded two Safe Routes to School grants:

one is for sidewalk infrastructure in the amount of $400,000 and the other grant is to enhance the Bicycle Rodeo for $10,000.

 Both grants are scheduled over a three-year time period.  The City plans to focus available funds on sidewalks along Virginia Avenue (between Spruce and 11th), Spruce Street (from Tomichi to Arthur), and Arthur Avenue (from Spruce to 11th).  These sidewalks are part of the routes children are being directed, to get to and from school, as shown on the Safe Routes To School Map.  The sidewalks will also provide connectivity for the community as a whole.  Public outreach to the adjoining property owners of the proposed sidewalk is part of the project as well as an educational component regarding bicycle safety within the Gunnison School District.

 For more information regarding these grants, please contact Andie Ruggera at (970)641-8154 or