Gunnison Vibrancy Initiative - Downtown Design Open House

Next Step for Gunnison Vibrancy Initiative: OpenHouseforWEbDowntown Design Workshop, November 1-3

Local leaders behind the Gunnison Vibrancy Initiative, an effort to enhance the vitality of downtown Gunnison, are prepping for a three-day design workshop, November 1 through 3. The workshop aims to define specific strategies to advance four goals that have emerged from the community process to date. Those goals, which were identified from community input at earlier stages in the project, are to:

  • Create a vibrant and authentic downtown that reflects our strong sense of place. 
  • Make our downtown streets safe and easy to use.
  • Support a healthy downtown business environment that strengthens our economy.
  • Enhance our downtown by strengthening the connections between Western and the community.

Kelly Osness, a downtown business owner and member of the project’s leadership committee, hopes the Vibrancy Initiative can build on what is already great about downtown Gunnison. “As a business, we love our downtown already - that’s why we recently invested in our building – but there are things we can do to make it work even better. Osness hopes for a good turnout at public open houses next Wednesday and Thursday evening. “This will be a fun and engaging way for the community to help identify things we can do to support and strengthen our downtown.”

The City hopes that the Downtown Design Workshop can build on the momentum and enthusiasm seen up to this point in the project, including last week’s Discovery Workshops, in which community members discussed challenges and opportunities in the downtown.

The Downtown Design Workshop will be held in the Aspinall-Wilson Conference Center on the Western Campus. Though the design team will be at work throughout Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, the best time for the public to come is during two [CA1] Open House events scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. During the Open Houses, the public will be able to review and provide feedback on various ideas and strategies as a work-in-progress. “It’s an iterative process” says City Manager, Russ Forest. “Ideas will be generated, then we’ll get feedback on those and work to make them better, then get more feedback and keep going that way till we get to a good spot.”

More information about the Downtown Design Workshop is available on the Gunnison Vibrancy Initiative website at Stay engaged with the Gunnison Vibrancy Initiative by joining the project mail list, found on the website, or by following @CityofGunnison on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.