Parks Tour

April – Sept. (One position available)

General: The main focus for the “Tour” person is to maintain the cleanliness of the restrooms and park- recreation areas.

Example of Duties: (Everyday)
- Empty trash cans in park areas
- Do a walk around in parks to remove loose trash
- Clean the restrooms in parks
- Keep a clean organized truck (City provided)
- Fill out work orders for broken or missing pieces of the restrooms and parks
- Report any safety issues to Parks Foreman
- Assist mow crew after “tour” duties are completed
- Communicate with coworkers

Organizational Relationship: Reports to Park Foreman and Assistants

Required Skills and Abilities:
- Ability to learn and take instruction
- Must possess a valid drivers license
- Ability to work with others
- Must be 18 yrs of age
- Must be physically able to perform the essential job functions including the ability to lift 50 lbs., climb ladders, drive vehicles, etc.
- Should also be able to plan around park rentals and events
- Hours: Flexible but typicaly 40 hrs a week (Hours may vary, as assigned by Park Forman.)

Wage: Starts at $15.78/hour plus $1.50 per hour bonus paid upon completion of contract.

This position is open until filled.

Welcome to Gunnison

Gunnison is a small mountain community on the western slope of Colorado with a population of approximately 6,560 full time residents. The population increases annually with the influx of tourism and Western Colorado University students numbering an additional 2,500. The City of Gunnison is the county seat for Gunnison County. Gunnison has a rich history of ranching, agriculture, mining, tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities that bring many more people through the community.
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