City Council Initiatives

The purpose of the City of Gunnison is to provide outstanding public service to our residents, Western students, and guests so they can experience a safe, prosperous, and welcoming mountain community that embraces it natural surroundings. 

Council has asked that all policy initiatives and major projects be evaluated against the following criteria: 

  • public safety & community resiliency
  • public engagement which fosters racial and cultural equity, inclusivity, and diversity
  • achieving the City’s environmental sustainability goals
Below is a non-exhaustive summary of recent initiatives related Council's key priorities:

  1. COVID-19 Recovery
  2. Infrastructure and Public Safety
  3. Economic Prosperity and Housing
  4. Multi-modal Transportation
  5. Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency

Strategic Plan, Adopted September 2020

Housing Remediation Incentives

Lazy K Park and Housing Project

Safe Multi-Modal Transportation Initiatives

Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives

CORE Act Support, October 2020

State of The City Report, 2019