Purpose and Initiatives

The purpose of the City of Gunnison is to provide outstanding public service to our residents, Western students, and guests so they can experience a safe, prosperous, and welcoming mountain community that embraces it natural surroundings. 

To support that purpose, the Gunnison City Council has outlined the following key priorities:

  • COVID-19 Recovery
  • Infrastructure and Public Safety
  • Economic Prosperity and Housing
  • Multi-modal Transportation
  • Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency

Furthermore, Council has asked that all policy initiatives and major projects be evaluated against the following criteria: 

  • public safety & community resiliency
  • public engagement which fosters racial and cultural equity, inclusivity, and diversity
  • achieving the City’s environmental sustainability goal
Gunnison's Vision Statement: 

By 2030 Gunnison’s residents and guests will experience a vibrant western community where we live, learn, and earn in harmony with our incredible natural surroundings. Gunnison and Western Colorado University will be recognized together as a strong and vibrant premier “university town” in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. In the future, we will realize:

  • Increasing prosperity through an abundance of entrepreneurs creating and bringing jobs and investments to our community.
  • Attainable housing for each of our residents and employees.
  • Thoughtfully planned development which is supported by our natural and man-made resources, enhanced by our character and image as a charming mountain community, and maintained by our exceptional sense of place.
  • Safe interconnected trails, sidewalks, roads, and transit systems which provide enjoyable and intuitive access to all areas of the community.
  • A sustainable, carbon neutral future addressing energy and water resource consumption to be resilient to climate change.
  • A long term growth plan for the City to incrementally and responsibly expand beyond the current City limits and make informed decisions in conjunction with the County for the three mile area

Here are some of Council's recent initiatives:

Strategic Plan, Adopted September 2020

2021 Community Survey

Lazy K Park and Housing Project

Safe Multi-Modal Transportation Initiatives

Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives

Housing Remediation Incentives

CORE Act Support, October 2020

State of The City Report, 2019