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The City Clerk serves as the clerk to the City Council, oversees the City Council agendas. attends all Council meetings and keeps the permanent journal of all proceedings.

If anyone wants to appear on a meeting agenda, please contact the City Clerk at 970.641.8140.

City Council meets at 5:30 PM, the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month in the 2nd floor council chambers of City Hall, 201 West Virginia Avenue in Gunnison, Colorado. Per the Gunnison Home Rule Charter, special session meetings of Council may be called as needed for Council to take action on issues outside of their regular session meeting schedule.

If you need any other City Council information, please contact the City Clerk's office at 970.641.8080.

Written minutes of a Council regular or special meeting are approved at the next available regular meeting. Minutes contained in a council packet are draft or unapproved meeting minutes.  If available, audio recordings of council meetings are posted on the city website.

2015 Packets available upon request.


01/27/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
01/20/15 Work Session Agenda      
01/13/15 Regular Session - Amended Agenda       Minutes      
01/06/15 Work Session Agenda      

02/24/15 Agenda       Minutes      
02/10/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      

03/31/15 Work Session - Cancelled Agenda      
03/24/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
03/17/15 Work Session Agenda      
03/10/15 Agenda       Minutes      
03/03/15 Work Session - Cancelled Agenda      

04/28/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
04/21/15 Work Session Agenda      
04/14/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
04/14/15 Public Hearing- LDC Text Amendment Agenda      
04/07/15 Work Session Agenda      

05/26/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
05/19/15 Work Session Agenda      
05/18/15 Reorganization Agenda       Minutes      
05/12/15 Regular Session - Cancelled Agenda      
05/05/15 Work Session Agenda      

06/23/15 Agenda       Minutes      
06/09/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
06/02/15 Special Session Agenda       Minutes      
06/02/15 Public Hearing  - Marijuana Regulations Agenda      

07/28/15 Regular Session Agenda      
07/21/15 Work Session Agenda      
07/14/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
07/07/15 Work Session Agenda      

08/25/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
08/18/15 Work Session Agenda      
08/18/15 Special Session Minutes      
08/11/15 Agenda       Minutes      
08/04/15 Work Session Agenda      

09/22/15 Work Session Agenda      
09/15/15 Work Session Agenda      
09/15/15 Special Session Agenda       Minutes      
09/08/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
09/01/15 Work Session Agenda      
09/01/15 Special Session Agenda       Minutes      

10/27/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
10/27/15 Public Hearing - LDC Text Amendment Agenda      
10/20/15 Work Session Agenda      
10/13/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
10/13/15 Public Hearing - SOMA Wellness Retail Marijuana License Agenda      
10/13/15 Public Hearing - ACME Healing Center Retail Marijuana License Agenda      
10/06/15 Work Session Agenda      

11/24/15 - Cancelled Agenda      
11/17/15 Special Session/Work Session Agenda       Minutes      
11/10/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
11/10/15 Public Hearing - Proposed 2016 City Budget Agenda      
11/03/15 Work Session Agenda      

12/29/15 Special Session Agenda       Minutes      
12/22/15 Regular Session - Cancelled Agenda      
12/15/15 Special Session/Work Session Agenda       Minutes      
12/15/15 Public Hearing - Retail Marijuana Store - Roots Rx Agenda      
12/15/15 Public Hearing - Retail Marijunan Store - Frosty Leaf Agenda      
12/15/15 Public Hearing - Retail Marijuana Store - Colorado Cannabis Cabin Agenda      
12/08/15 Regular Session Agenda       Minutes      
12/08/15 Public Hearing - Utility Rate Changes Agenda      
12/08/15 Public Hearing - Retail Marijuna Store - Gunnison Growhouse Agenda      
12/08/15 Public Hearing - Retail Marijuana Store - Rocky Mountain Cannabis Agenda      
12/01/15 Special Session/Work Session Agenda       Minutes