Youth City Council


2018 - 2019 YCC Members (in alphabetical order): Esperanza Antonarez, Elizabeth Felix, Kendall McDonald, Annabelle Morrison,
Rhys Orgill, Clara Schulte, Charlie Zieter, and Karavela Zeiter. 

The Gunnison Youth City Council (YCC) was established by the Elected City Council in August, 2000. YCC is open to Gunnison High School and High School-aged Home School students in Gunnison.

The YCC was established for young people to:

  • Learn about how local government works and how government interacts with business, citizens, and non-profits organizations to create community;
  • Identify what makes up a community – including its young people;
  • Conducts community service projects to benefit the community;
  • Learns about the election process and have opportunities to work within that process;
  • Conducts Voter Registration for high school students; and most importantly,
  • Provides the Elected City Council with input on issues relating to youth in the Community!

The students apply in September of each year and are appointed by the Elected City Council to YCC for a one-year term. Students may serve multiple terms. The City Clerk is the City Advisor to the YCC. The students meet approximately every other week from September through May and occasionally during the summer months.

Youth City Council By-Laws