Gunnison Gold Compost

The City is offering free Gunni Gold for the residential public.  Gunni Gold can be picked up at the Jorgenson Ice Rink parking lot.   Please take only what you need and quantity is limited to what you can load by hand, no loading with equipment.  Please be courteous and maintain social distancing. (Only ONE customer at a time.)  We need residents to collect Gunni Gold in town because of the ongoing construction at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.    The City has undertaken a $14 million dollar upgrade, and due to the construction, we have no space to accommodate local pick up.  

"Gunny Gold" Compost
"Gunny Gold" compost is a waste water resource management product designed to recycle nitrogen rich municipal sludge (biosolids) and carbon rich waste from the wood products industry. Using a simple gravity filtration system, the microbial byproducts of the city sludge are dried and mixed with wood chips to create an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner of food chain quality.
This natural, organic compost is available to nurseries, garden centers, landscape industries, and retailers as well as industrial uses. It is great for building up soils, promoting healthy plant growth and mitigating or controlling soil erosion.

Click here for the "Gunny Gold" Compost Outreach Initiative which describes production details and chemical and nutrient analysis of Gunny Gold Compost.  

The lovely garden above is brought to you courtesy of "Gunny Gold".