Snow Removal Assistance Program

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow Removal Assistance Program

The City of Gunnison offers a Snow Removal Program for eligible residents during winter months. This program offers assistance with removing snow from driveways within the public right-of-way. This service applies to qualified residents of the City of Gunnison that have a certified medical need or disability. In order to be considered for this service, the applicant must meet the following two criteria:
1. Individual who lives in a private, single family, residential property; and
2. Individual that has a certified medical need or disability (Valid mobility handicapped parking permit, written verification of disability provided by Social Security Administration, or medical certification from a medical professional), or other justifiable rationale for receiving the public benefit through this program.

The City of Gunnison will clear the berm from driveway access as soon as possible after a snow event but depending on available personnel; however, it may take up to two business days to complete this procedure.

To apply, complete the form at:

If you need personal assistance to fill out the on-line application, you may visit the City of Gunnison Finance Department located in the City Municipal Building, 201 W. Virginia Avenue or call 970-641-8070.