pd.recordsRecords Technicians are responsible for the administration of the reports taken by the police department. The Records Office serves as the reception desk for the police department helping with customer service information, notifying officers for counter reports, performing vehicle inspections and assisting with fingerprints. You must present a valid ID when picking up a police report or being fingerprinted.

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  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection $10.00
  • Finger Printing $10.00
  • Copy of an Accident Report $3.50
  • Copies of Police Reports $5.00 (up to 5 pages)
  • Additional report pages are $0.25
  • Record Search or Background Check $5.00
  • Hourly charge for Record Search:
    First hour = no charge
    Hourly rate after the first hour = hourly rate of employee
  • Breath Alcohol Test $2.00
  • Sex Offender Registration $25.00

Printable: Records Request Form

Records Technician Sonja Parmeter 970.641.8254 or email
Records Technician Betty Stefanic 970.641.8255 or email