Lazy K Property Master Plan

The University Technical Assistance Program at CCCD was requested to provide design and planning assistance services to the City of Gunnison. Gunnison requested the development of a conceptual master plan for a community park on 16-acre land tract located in a part of the city generally referred to as West Gunnison. Development of this document was based on written surveys and workshop meetings, and input for various community stakeholders.

Over the duration of the project the design team, led by Supervisor Chris Endreson, developed a series of conceptual designs based on site visits, contextual research and public input. Through various iterations, conceptual designs were refined to match the goals and visions of the stakeholders and community.

This master plan will guide the long term redevelopment of the West Gunnison Regional Park, located on a site commonly referred to as the Lazy K.  It defines an array of park amenities and site improvements that can be implemented over time, as funding and resources become available. It provides meaningful guidance regarding the design, cost and phasing that will lead to the successful transformation of this land tract into a vital community amenity. While the main focus of this plan is to establish a basic blue print to develop a conservation-oriented park, this plan also givers consideration to community transportation system extensions, an event venue, and land banking to support affordable housing needs associated with community strategic goals.

The final Master Plan will be adopted by the City Council within the next few weeks.  For more information please contact the Community Development Department, 201 West Virginia Avenue, Gunnison, CO 81230 or email to

Complete Lazy K Proposal of Uses