We are currently consulting with many different agencies to make informed decisions on our spring programs! As we make these decisions we will up date this page. 



SPRING Mite and Pee Wee Basketball                  CANCELLED                                         Full Refund

Fastpitch throwing clinics                                         CANCELLED                                         $15M/$17NM

Rock Climbing – All Classes                                    CANCELLED                                         Full Refund

Baseball & Softball Clinics                                       CANCELLED                                         Full Refund

U6 & U8 Clinics                                                           CANCELLED                                         Full Refund
U10 & U12 Recreational League                                CANCELLED                                         Full Refund
Community Soccer Day 5/2                                        CANCELLED                                     
U10-U19 Competitive League                                    TBA                    


Parent Tot                                                                   CANCELLED                                         $5M/$6NM
Tumble Tot                                                                  CANCELLED                                         $5M/$6NM
Beginner                                                                     CANCELLED                                         $57/$66NM
Intermediate                                                               CANCELLED                                         $57/$66NM
Advanced                                                                   CANCELLED                                         $57/$66NM
CARA                                                                           TBA

Session 3                                                                 CANCELLED                                         Full Refund
Session 4                                                                 CANCELLED                                         Full Refund
Saturday Session                                                     CANCELLED                                         Full Refund
Parent-Tot                                                                 CANCELLED                                         Full Refund

Adult Softball                                                            CANCELLED 

Lacrosse                                                                   CANCELLED

FUNducation                                                            CANCELLED

Spring TKD                                                               TBA

Kids Cook                                                                 CANCELLED                                         Full Refund

Aerial Dance                                                             CANCELLED                                         Full Refund

*Start/Resume dates are tentative and will be changed if state or local agencies continue to hold restrictions on gathering sizes and locations. Continue to check back to verify program status.

Our department is disheartened to make these decisions. Creating and coordinating recreational opportunities for our community is what we do. It is all we know. Having to cancel entire classes and portions of classes is just plain tough – but vital to the health of our community. We will continue to think about and implement ways for our community to stay active through this crisis and when the threat of exposure has reduced. If we can, we will try to offer abbreviated sessions of programs during the month of May. Stay tuned for those offerings and announcements.

Refunds will be processed by 5/1 and will be held on account with Parks & Recreation and can be used for future programming, memberships, retail items or for daily drop in fees. The funds do not expire.