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Activity List & Links

Boredom Buster BINGO
*Get a BLACK OUT by completing all activities and marking them off. Then bring to the Rec Center when we open back up to claim your BINGO prize*

Yard Love Sign

Send a message of connection, gratitude and LOVE to your friends, family and neighbors.

Community Connection
*Notes, Artwork, Motivational Quotes - We want them all*
Email notes and photos to: 

Saturday Shout @ Six

*Each Saturday @ 6pm step outside, HOOT, HOLLER, MAKE NOISE and/or raise your glass to honor our front line workers - Police, 1st Responders, Nurses, Doctors and Public Health Officials*

Weekly Facebook Challenges & Activities
*Follow us as we roll out new ideas and things to do each week*

Rec Virtual Library
*Checkout fitness and reading videos created by our loving community teachers, and members - we are adding to and updating this daily - check back often*