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                           Pickleball in Char Mar Park! Please Register!!

Pickleball play will look different for now.  As people return to the courts we need to respect how others choose to play. Some people may choose to only play with a small group that they are comfortable with and not include other players.  Some may choose to play singles or practice and not include others. This may look like exclusion, but in reality it is players venturing out choosing the "risk" that they are willing to take. There is currently no indoor play.

Please use the as a means to schedule your own group (invite-only) session, or continue to use it as before to schedule play.

As a courtesy to the neighborhood please avoid playing before 7:30 in the morning.

Please be patient. Please be respectful. Please be safe.

For any questions about the courts, please contact Dan Vollendorf at (970) 641-8060 or Gunnison Colorado Pickleball (

A note from The Gunnsion Pickleball Steering Committee:

Silver Sneakers has mutual benefits for players and the Rec Center. If you are not familiar with Silver Sneakers check with your insurance provider to see if Silver Sneakers is available for those 55 and older. Silver Sneakers provides free pickleball for players at the Rec Center courts.

The Rec Center also needs the support of Silver Sneakers members when they play outdoors at the Char Mar courts. More revenue for the Rec Center is to everyone's benefit in the Gunnison community.

It can be easy and fast to let the Rec Center know every time you play at Char Mar so they receive credit for your participation.  

(1) If you already have your Rec Center card with the 4 digit code:

  • Just email your name and code number to every time you play at Char Mar.  (only touch your phone, easy, fast).

(2) If you have Silver Sneakers, but have not registered at the Rec Center yet:

  • Just call the Rec Center at 970-641-8060 or email
  • Give them your name, address and Silver Sneakers membership number.  
  • They will register you for a FREE Rec Center membership along with a 4 digit number to use for reporting by email when you play at Char Mar.

The Rec Center is the reason there are outstanding outdoor courts here in Gunnison. Please support them if you have the Silver Sneakers benefit.

Enjoy playing this great game!