Accounts Payable/Purchasing

Please send an invoice directly to the department ordering the goods or services. A W-9 is required by law and MUST be provided regardless of your tax status. Failure to provide this information could result in a tax withholding of up to 30%, applicable state withholding and penalties. You can submit your W-9 by clicking HERE.

The City has a Colorado sales tax exemption certificate. Please ensure that sales tax is removed prior to submitting invoices for payment.

Check Cycle
Typically, checks are issued every Wednesday. 

Outstanding Bills
For specific questions regarding an outstanding bill, contact Dorene Elam.   

Central Purchasing
The City of Gunnison does not utilize a central purchasing system and vendor registration is not required. Vendors wishing to provide goods or services to any city department should contact those departments individually. If your organization can serve all city departments, please contact Dorene Elam.

Bids and Proposals
Please check our Bids and Proposals page for current openings.