Budgets and Financial Reports

Budgets and Financial Reports

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Financial Reports10 documents

  • 2022 Financial Statements
    document Header 2022 Financial Statements
  • 2021 Financial Statements
    document Header 2021 Financial Statements
  • 2020 Financial Statements
    document Header 2020 Financial Statements
  • 2019 Financial Statements
    document Header 2019 Financial Statements
  • 2018 Financial Statements
    document Header 2018 Financial Statements
  • 2017 Financial Statements
    document Header 2017 Financial Statements
  • 2016 Financial Statements
    document Header 2016 Financial Statements
  • 2015 Financial Statements
    document Header 2015 Financial Statements
  • 2014 Financial Statements
    document Header 2014 Financial Statements
  • 2013 Financial Statements
    document Header 2013 Financial Statements

Budgets11 documents

  • 2023 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2023 Adopted Budget
  • 2022 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2022 Adopted Budget
  • 2021 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2021 Adopted Budget
  • 2020 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2020 Adopted Budget
  • 2019 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2019 Adopted Budget
  • 2018 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2018 Adopted Budget
  • 2017 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2017 Adopted Budget
  • 2016 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2016 Adopted Budget
  • 2015 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2015 Adopted Budget
  • 2014 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2014 Adopted Budget
  • 2013 Adopted Budget
    document Header 2013 Adopted Budget

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Gunnison is a small mountain community on the western slope of Colorado with a population of approximately 6,560 full time residents. The population increases annually with the influx of tourism and Western Colorado University students numbering an additional 2,500. The City of Gunnison is the county seat for Gunnison County. Gunnison has a rich history of ranching, agriculture, mining, tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities that bring many more people through the community.
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