911 Surcharge Increase Notice

911 Surcharge Increase Notice


By the Gunnison-Hinsdale Combined Emergency Telephone Service Authority to increase the surcharge for 911 services to three dollars and no cents ($3.00).

Notice is hereby given that the Gunnison-Hinsdale Combined Emergency Telephone Service Authority Board ("Authority") has applied to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission ("PUC") on October 31st, 2022 in Proceeding No. 22A-0476T, for approval to increase the current 911 surcharge fees affecting all residents for exchanges 641, 349, 943, 944, and a portion of 862 with a wired, wireless, or VoIP telephone service. The Authority has requested that the new surcharge become effective February 1st, 2023 upon approval of the PUC and after sixty (60) days notice to all service suppliers.

The requested surcharge increase from the current amount of two dollars and no cents ($2.00) per month to three dollars and no cents ($3.00) is necessary to pay for and maintain, as allowed by C.R.S. §§ 29-11-102 and 104, costs associated with the emergency telephone service and emergency notification service for equipment and installation, monthly recurring charges from service providers and basic emergency service providers, and personnel expenses necessarily incurred for the public safety answering point serving exchanges 641, 349, 943, 944, and a portion of 862 in Gunnison, Hinsdale and Saguache counties.

The Application filed by the Authority with the PUC will be available for inspection by contacting Ben Cowan at Gunnison-Hinsdale Combined Emergency Telephone Service Authority, PO Box 239, 201 W. Virginia Ave. Gunnison, CO 81230, telephone (970) 641-8070, and at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission Offices at 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Any person may file written comments or objections concerning the Application with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. The Commission's email address is:


The Commission will consider all written comments and objections submitted prior to the evidentiary hearing on the application. Any person who desires to participate as a party in any proceeding before the Commission regarding the filing shall file an intervention in accordance with Rule 1401 of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure by November 23, 2022. Written objections may be filed within 60 days of the filing date of the application, and a request for intervention may be filed within 30 days of the filing date of the application. An objection without an intervention shall not be adequate to permit participation as a party.

The Commission may hold a public hearing in addition to an evidentiary hearing on the Application and if such a hearing is held, members of the public may attend and make statements even if they did not file comments, objections or an intervention. If the Application is uncontested and unopposed, the Commission may determine the matter without a hearing and without further notice.

Any person desiring information regarding if and when hearings may be held shall submit a written request to the Commission or shall alternatively contact the External Affairs Section of the Commission at (303) 894-2070 or (800) 456-0858.

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