License Agreements

All use of public rights-of-way for private use requires a Revocable License Agreement that is approved by the City of Gunnison.  The City recognizes the desire for citizens and the benefit in certain locations to use the public rights-of-way as well as the liability that it might create for the City. A License Agreement between the LICENSOR (City of Gunnison) and the LICENSEE (the person requesting to use the public property) protects the City from being liable for injuries caused by personal property or private use within the public rights-of-way.  A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required that lists the City of Gunnison as an Additional Insured.

License Agreement Application
License Agreement Information Packet
Use of Public Sidewalks Flyer

Physical improvements within the public rights-of-way for private purposes are subject to the standards and conditions established by the City of Gunnison Municipal Code, Title 9, Chapter 9.40.  Permanent features, such as any structural element of a building (deck, canopy, awning, etc.) requires approval by the City Council.  Sidewalk Café Seating proposals are also reviewed and approved by Council.

Applicants who are requesting to place a sign (hanging or projecting), a sandwich board sign, merchandise displays, fences or any temporary feature are subject to review and approval by the City Manager or designee.