Gunnison Gold Compost

Gunnison "Black Gold" Compost
"Black Gold" compost is a waste water resource management facility designed to recycle nitrogen rich municipal sludge (biosolids) and carbon rich waste from the wood products industry. Using a simple process of gravity, de-watered sludge mixes with wood waste and creates an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner of food chain quality.
This natural, organic compost is available to nurseries, garden centers, landscape industries, and retailers as well as industrial uses. It is great for building up soils, promoting healthy plant growth and mitigating or controlling soil erosion.
For more questions, call 970-641-8040

Gunnison Gold is available at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 524 County Road 32, the friendly plant employees will load up your truck up. Please call ahead before you drive out to the plant. Click here for directions.