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Gunnison County Victim Services is partnering with SeekThenSpeak
to provide a new method of reporting crimes of sexual assault for the Valley.

What is SeekThenSpeak?

SeekThenSpeak provides victims and survivors of sexual assault answers to their questions, and informs them of their options for reporting when they are ready.  The multilingual platform allows individuals to engage in a gradual and supportive dialogue that can be accessed through web, phone, or mobile app.  Victims can remain anonymous until they choose to make direct contact with law enforcement, advocacy centers, or campus university Title IX programs.  

Gunnison County law enforcement recognizes that victims and survivors of sexual assaults may have barriers for reporting. SeekThenSpeak was created to provide solutions to those challenges, and offer victims and survivors an additional option for gathering information and seeking support.

How does SeekThenSpeakwork?

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  • Victims choose how to connect with Seek Then Speak by:
    • Visiting
    • Calling 888-865-9863
    • Downloading the SeekThenSpeak mobile app on an Apple or Android device
  • Victims engage with gradual and supportive dialogue prompts within SeekThenSpeak, choosing which information they receive, and exploring their options. 
  • After providing information on their options, victims are asked if they would like to initiate the process of reporting to law enforcement, or request advocacy services. They can provide as much or as little information as they choose and can remain anonymous if they wish.
  • If victims choose, they are connected directly with law enforcement, a victim advocacy organization, or a college campus Title IX program for support.
  • When a victim chooses to seek assistance, a notification is triggered to alert law enforcement,  a victim advocacy center or a college campus Title IX program via phone call, text message, or email.

Gather information.  Explore options. Take action.