Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services is staffed by three full time civilian employees. Neighborhood Services Officers provide enforcement of animal violations and code violations in the City of Gunnison.  Some of their common calls for service include parking problems, neighbor complaints, animals running at large and illegal dumping.

NSO provides inventory control of property seized by the department and handles auctions for abandoned property.  During winter months, NSO assists city plow crews with the towing of vehicles for snow removal.  NSOs are trained in the use of defensive weapons including the Taser and pepper spray.

City Ordinances & Requirements

animal_shelterAnimal Licensing
All animals living within the City limits are required to have a City license through the City Finance office. Cost is $5.00 for spayed or neutered and $10.00 if intact. Proof of vaccination is required at time of purchase. New tags are available in January of the current year however, you may purchase tags anytime throughout the year. If your animal is picked up with no current license it can result in a $15.00 fine.

Leash Required
An animal must be on a leash not more than 8 feet in length controlled by a person, or within the property limits of its owner or upon the premises of another person with the consent of that person.

Animal At Large
Generally. No person shall allow any animal to run-at-large within the City limits. First offense is a $10.00 pick-up fee with $20 a day Shelter Fee and a summons with $15.00 spayed/neutered or $30.00 intact. These fines will double for every pick up of your animal. Any third contact will result in a summons to The City of Gunnison Municipal court.

Public Places
No animal shall be permitted on any public place: common areas, parking lots, parks, etc., without your animal being on a leash.

Adoption Information
When the City picks up a stray animal, it is kept in the shelter for 5 days in case the owner calls to claim. A rabies shot and animal license is required to adopt. If the animal is given to the shelter, it is available for adoption through Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League (970.641.1173). If you have any questions please contact Neighborhood Services at 641.8242 or email NSO Doug Spann or NSO Theresa Morrill.