Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Gunnison Planning and Zoning Commission has begun an update to the City Master Plan (2007). A new City of Gunnison Comprehensive Plan will be the final product created under this project. The proposed timeline is 18 to 24 months for completion. Public input is a fundamental component of the process and is embedded in every phase of the project. The Grounding Process outlines how the project will be conducted.


Phase 1 is the Initial Planning Analysis. Data will be collected and interviews of community members with insight and expertise regarding the community will identify community conditions of a wide range of topics and issues including economic trends; land use; social and health services; education; housing; transportation; tourism; local government services; parks and recreation; and public safety. To view sample questions that were asked, click here. Community feedback and survey results can be found in the Community Analysis.

Phase 2 will result in a Community Identity. Planners and facilitators will guide the community through a sequential process to identify challenges, establish plan vision and explore adaptive strategies to deal with community challenges.

Phase 3 will focus on future land development forecasting and planning for future growth using GIS modelling. Transportation projections and economic and fiscal trends will by analyzed by consultants working for the City.

Phase 4 is the Plan Preparation. It will identify existing conditions and policies to address them. During this phase the Steering Committee and Planning and Zoning Commission will work toward defining the goals and objectives that will be the main focus of the final document.

Phase 5 is Plan Adoption. This will involve a public scoping process of the Final Draft Plan, conducted by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Ultimately, the Planning and Zoning Commission will make a recommendation to City Council for adoption of the Comprehensive Plan.

Phase 6 is Implementation and Monitoring. The plan will influence future development applications and land uses.