Complete Streets Project

Why Redesign Tomichi Avenue and Main Street Now?
Gunnison residents identified the physical and perceived “safety barriers” to traveling along and crossing Highway 50 and Main Street at previous City Council meetings.

Interactive community workshops have been held to focus on those challenges, identify potential design solutions that fit the character of Gunnison, and identify stakeholders to work with during the “complete streets” process. Please see the Workshop Summary (May 26) and the Workshop Council Presentation and Recommendation

What is the Project Background?

Local efforts to improve non-motorized transportation functions are tied to initial work in 2006 that set the stage for the 2007 City’s recreation bond initiative. A survey conducted as a prelude to this initiative indicated a strong community desire to improve the city trail system. Many plans have identified the importance of non-motorized transportation within the City.    More on Project Background

Existing Conditions

Gunnison is unique in that two Highways disect our community that create challenges for non-motorized travel. The wide streets are percieved to be "too fast" and "non yielding" and too dangerous and unsafe for crossing... More on Existing Conditions

Proposed Design

Several workshops have been held to develop design drawings for Tomichi Avenue. Ongoing Main Street programming will focus on conceptual designs that will allow certain improvements to move forward through the CDOT permitting program.... More on Proposed Design

Get Involved

Many workshops have been held to develop design drawings for Tomichi Avenue and create conceptual design for Main Street. As the project moves forward there will be more opportunity to get involved and provide input regarding the proposed design....More on Getting Involved

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