About Us

Brief History:

Young at Heart began serving meals to seniors in 1962 under a federal grant program. Meals were served in Webster Hall at 125 N. Iowa Street, now a part of the Community Church. Beginning in, the program secured annual funding from Gunnison County to cover salaries for employees and Young at Heart gained non-profit status. Then in 2009, the City of Gunnison built a new wing at the Gunnison Community Recreation Center designated for Young at Heart community meals. This wing was built with generous funding from the City, the County, and individual donors and charitable organizations. The new location, now called the Senior Center, has a full commercial kitchen and available meal seating for approximately 80.

Young at Heart continues to be generously funded by a grant from Gunnison County, gifts from individual donors, and the support of the City of Gunnison and the staff of the Gunnison Community Recreation Center. This ongoing support enables the meals to be offered at a very low cost to any community member who walks in the door.

Though Young at Heart is focused on serving affordable, nutritious meals to all seniors, all are welcome to these community meals.

Non-Profit Board Members:

As a non-profit organization, Young at Heart is governed by a board of directors. These directors meet monthly to oversee organizational finances, space and kitchen needs and oversight, and to strategize for and solicit ongoing support from the local community and others.

Current board members are:

Bill Wegert, president
Dan McDonough, vice president
Pat Lazerus, treasurer
Jo Ann Stone, secretary
Virgina Walton, member-at-large

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