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Thank-You to Our Members
These activities are a special "thank you" to those supporting Boomers & Beyond in creating activities, events, and educational and public engagement opportunities for seniors. We are a member-supported non-profit and depend on memberships to keep our organization going!

To pariticipate in these activities, join at the basic level of $25 per year (for 2 family members). Mail your check to: Boomers & Beyond, Gunnison Community Recreation Center, 200 E. Spencer Ave., Gunnison, CO 81230

2018 Hikes with Jim*

Please note: Hiking shoes or boots are mandatory for all of these hikes. Tennis shoes or other non-sturdy casual shoes will not be allowed.

*Scheduled hikes may change due to trail or weather conditions.


September 8: Castle Creek Road from Wilderness Streams
Please note: This hike will be limited to the first 9 people to show up at the Senior Center parking lot. The trailhead is on private property so we will be limited to 3 cars max. We will meet at 8:25AM and leave promptly at 8:30AM.
Travel time to trailhead is about 40 minutes. Hike is about 
If the trail is walkable from the gate, we will walk the trail; otherwise we will walk the road to the hill above the cow camp about 2 miles one way. Please be prepared for rain and muddy conditions! Color will depend on Mother Nature.  Boomer rating: 1.0 (easy). Difficulty: easy.  

September 15: Dike Trail (west side of Kebler Pass).
This will be a point-to-point hike. We hope to have transportation for drop-off at the trailhead and pick-up at the end, leaving from the 4 corners stop in Crested Butte - please check back to see if that will be happening!
This point-to-point hike begins a little past the Lake Irwin campground and ends at the Horse Ranch Park - about a 5 mile RT. The trail goes through aspen groves and provides some great views of the Beckwith Mountains.  This is a point to point hike from the TH a little past the Lake Irwin campground to Horse Ranch Park.

September 22: East Fork of the Cimarron River (TBD - please check back for updated info!)


August 4: Coal Creek Hike

August 11: Little Mill Creek

August 18: South Baldy Ascent
Travel time to the trailhead is approximately 1 hour. This is a very strenuous hike with about an 8 mile roundtrip. The hike will start from the Red Creek Road trailhead and will head to the start of Six Mile, about 400 feet with no obvious trail. Then we will meet up with Forest Service Trail 449 and walk to the base of Baldy. After reaching the base we will ascend the south-facing slope, a mostly open area with some willows. There is a spectacular viewpoint of the West Elks Wilderness just before we descend to cross the saddle and start up Baldy. Prepare for foul weather - cold winds, sudden rain, even a snow flurry! Starting elevation is 11,600 and South Baldy peak is 12,380. Boomers rating: 10 (very strenuous, steep inclines, high elevation)

August 25: Lamphier Lake/Gunsight Pass
Travel time to trailhead is about 1 hour. This is a very strenuous hike of about 8 miles roundtrip with a possibility of an additional mile to reach Gunsight Pass, weather permitting. The trail is fairly steep, rocky, and a continula up slog, crossing several terminal moraines from a long ago glacier. Prepare for foul weather - cold winds, sudden rain, even snow flurryies! Starting elevation is 10,000 and Lake Lamphier is at 11,660. Gunsight Pass is at 12,170. The hike from the lake to the pass is steep, rocky, and narrow in places. Boomer rating: 9.9 (very strenuous, steep inclines, high elevation).


July 7:  Forest Service Trail 449 (from Rainbow Lake area into West Elk Creek)
Travel time is approximately 1 hour each way. Time on the trail will be about 2 hours. This is an improved trail for about 750 feet, travelling through an old growth conifer forest. After that, it becomes rougher and crosses several damp areas (water shoes not necessary). There are spectacular views into the West Elk Wilderness from the top of the trail where we will break for snack/lunch. The hike will be about 2.5 miles round trail. Staring elevation is 11,020 feet with a gain of 400 feet on the trail. There will also be extended steep pitches. We will hike at a slow pace with rest stops as needed. However - please evaluate your ability to walk above 11,000 feet before making your decision! Boomer rating: 2.75 (moderate to good exercise).

July 14: No hike due to Cattlemen’s Days.

July 21: Mill Creek - Castle Trail - Forest Service Trail 450
This is a 2 option hike - a decision about which option we will take will be made before leaving the Senior Center parking lot! For either option, the travel time to the trailhead is approximately 1 hour each way. 

Option 1: The time on the trail will be time on trail 1 to 2 hours. Starting elevation is 9,000 with a gain of 200 feet on the trail, mostly in the beginning of the hike. This elevation gain will bring us to the old Eilebrect Ditch bank which serves as the trail. The trail has several small rivulets which may or may not be dry. We will hike for about an hour to reach a meadow where Mill Creek meets the trail. This is where we will break for snack/lunch - there are great views of the Castles from this meadow. Boomer rating: 1.5 (easy to moderate)

Option 2: The time on the trail for this option is 4 to 5 hours, depending on how far we go. Round trip will be about 8 miles with an elevation gain of 1,400 feet. The first part of the trail is the same as Option 1 to the meadow before Mill Creek. We will cross Mill Creek via logs or rocks (water shoes are not necessary, but you can bring if you would like to wade through the creek). After crossing the creek the single track trail enters the West Elk Wilderness and steadily climbs. The trail enters an aspen and mixed conifer forest for the rest of the trail, moving uphill and downhill (about a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio). After crossing a dry creek bed, the trail begins to climb more steeply and there are a few extended pitches and steep slopes. Our goal will be to reach the water falls at about 4 miles into the trail, though we can decide to stop earlier. This is where we will take a snack/lunch break. The elevation at the water falls is 10,400 feet. Hiking sticks are highly recommended for this hike! Boomer rating: 9.9 (very strenuous)

Note: This trail has rocky sections, steep sections and possible need to navigate around downed timber.

July 28: Beaver Creek  Forest Service Trail 447 (starts above the Gunnison State Wildlife Area)
Travel time to trailhead is appproximately 30 minutes; starting elevation is 8,100 feet with a gain of 900 to 1,000 feet while on the trail. Trail length is 6 miles round trip. Road to trailhead from the old Harris Ranch building is rough in spots, but can be navigated by a 2WD, including a creek crossing.
The bottom portion of the trail has been wiped out by beaver dams making the first 500 feet a traverse across a fairly steep hillside. Hiking poles are recommended, though they may only be used on a couple of pitches thereafter. The trail is an old wagon road that goes from the SWA, then through some BLM land before reaching the national forest boundary. Much of the trail is in the open prior to this.
The plan is to walk to the meadow where the trail bridge is relatively easy walking - it stays in proximity to the creek and beaver dams so wildlife should be seen. There are no scenic vistas on this hike. Boomer rating: 3.9 (good exercise).

June 2: Dark Canyon Forest Service Trail 830
Meet at the Senior Center at 7:55am. Travel time is 1+ hour each way and we are allowing 30 minutes for lunch. We will be on the trail from 3.5 to 4 hours. Expected return is between 2:30 and 3:30. We will be hiking from the Erickson Springs CG Trailhead (at foot of north side of Kebler Pass). Starting elevation is 7100 feet with an elevation gain of 300 feet while on the trail. The trail is rough in spots and might be damp before the bridge crossing. It goes up a narrow canyon with interesting cliffs on either side. Lunch will be on either side of the North Anthracite range. Boomer difficulty rating: 3.5 (good exercise) due to length (7 mile RT).

June 9: Double Hike Adventure
Beaver Ponds Forest Service Trail 516 (Ohio Pass Road)
Meet at the Senior Center at 7:55am. Travel time each way will be 40 minutes and we will spend about an hour on the trail. Starting elevation is 9,330 feet with an elevation gain of 220 feet on the trail. Length of trail if .50 miles one way. Boomer difficulty: 1.0 (easy).

Carbon Peak Forest Service Trail 436
We will walk the uncompleted DSPRailroad grade and see some interesting engineering using only rock. Starting elevation is 9600 feet; elevation gain on trail if 300 feet. Length of the trail is 1.25 miles (one way); time spent on the trail will be about 2 hours. This trail has an easy grade, but crosses talus (levled for the RR grade). It also has 2 small stream crossings which may be dry. Crossing the stream at the switchback is optional. Boomers difficutlty: 2.0 (moderate)

Expected return to Senior Center will be 1:30 to 2:00pm.

June 16: North Bank section of Doctor Park Forest Service Trail 436 (Taylor Canyon)
Meet at the Senior Center at 7:55am. Travel time each way is about 25 minutes. Starting elevation is 8400 feet with an elevation gain of 2400 feet on the trail. The trail is 3.75 miles (one way); time spent on the trail will be about 3.5 to 4.5 hours. The initial mile is a steep climb out of the canyon with great views, then the trail becomes a resasonably comfortable walking trail. We will hike to join with the D octor Park loop for lunch. Boomer difficulty: 5+ (very strenuous due to steep pitches and length).

June 23: Mill Lake Forest Service Trail 532 (Fossil Ridge area via Gold Creek Road)
Meet at the Senior Center at 7:55am. Travel time is 1 hour each way. Staring elevation is 10,000 feet with an elevation gain of 1,400 feet on the trail. Trail is 2 miles each way and is racky and damp in places. There will be 2 stream crossings, but they are generally easy with no need for water shoes). We will eat lunch at the lake. Time on the trail will be about 3 to 4 hours. Expected return to Senior Center at 1pm to 2pm. Boomer difficulty: 3.5 (good exercise).

June 30: Beckwith Pass Forest Service Trail 842 (Lost Lake Road off County Road 12 - Kebler Pass)
Meet at the Senior Center at 7:55am. Travel time is 1 hour each way. Starting elevation is 9600 feet; total elevation gain on the trail is 400 feet. The length is 2 miles one way. There will be several small stream crossings, most of which could be almost dry this year (no need for water shoes). We are taking this hike earlier than usual in the summer in the hopes of catching the wildflowers due to the early spring adn low winter snowfall. Great views and beautiful fields of wildflowers, if we are lucky. We will have lunch near the junction with Trail 840 which goes over the pass and joins with the Lowline Trail. Time on the trail will be 3 to 4 hours. Expected return to Senior Center is 1 to 2pm. Boomer difficulty: 2.5 (moderate) 

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  • Bird-watching walks with local naturalist and photographer Arden Anderson. (View Photos from Walks With Arden)
  • Access to Senior Center facilities for Boomers & Beyond-sponsored events.

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